SPA Management Software

Our SPA Management Software is developed specifically to suite the unique needs of the spa industry, it is a user-friendly system that facilitates total spa and activity management. As a result, your staff is empowered to provide impeccable service laser-focused on each and every client.

It interfaces with various systems - including hotel property management systems, credit card and gift card processors, back office systems, membership billing etc to create a seamless flow of guest-centric information. It is a flexible system with more than 1000s of MIS reports.


Appointment book and appointment tracking

Customers can make direct booking over phone and online as well. Easily track prebooks and client retention. Quickly view and add client formulas and appointment history. Schedule spa packages or quickly find the first available openings. It also tracks who booked each client's appointment in case a mistake was made. Appointments can be made against Therapists and Resources (Rooms & Machineries) as well. Group Booking, Ability to customize colours etc are also possible. Appointment reminders can be send to clients over email and SMS too.

Client profile, appointment history, and purchase history, Client formula history

Our SPA Software will update your client histories automatically after every visit, identify your most valuable clients based on sales and referrals and even store a client picture on file. You can store a lot of information about the clients like Formulae history, Client preference, Preferred Drink, Beauty Advice given by the therapists, Medical Information etc.

Marketing Campaign

Our SPA software is providing a facility for doing Marketing Campaign ( Email and SMS). You can filter your clients based on different criteria and on a single click you can update them about your new promotion. You can create your own filtering methods in an easiest way.

Inventory tracking of Retail Items and the Professional Items

Inventory control is essential for managing a successful SPA business. With our Spa Management system you can track the sales for every product in your inventory. Simplify the re-ordering process, bar code every item and maintain accurate product counts. Monthly /Quarterly/Yearly stock taking process can be managed. Also the inventory of retail and professional products (The products using for SPA purpose) can be managed easily from our system. End of day you will have all the kinds of inventory related reports with an accurate figure.

Resource Management

Our SPA software is able to manage all your resources like Rooms, Machineries. You can link any kind of resources with the proper service associated with the same and accordingly you will be getting the proper end of day report on the usage of each resource.

Employee Management/Wage Calculation/Rota

Our SPA Software, Manage your employees’ working schedules with complete schedule management feature. Employee schedules are reflected in the appointment book for accurate appointment booking and process Employee password protection, Employee level access restriction, Employees Commission calculation. You can create different kinds of commission structures in the system for each employees either based on the target or not.

Service / Packages/ Subscription

Our SPA system offers you to create N number of services that you are providing in your SPA. Also you can create any kind of Packages like Courses , Subscription etc.

Easy billing

You can create and use different types of payment methods in our SPA Management Software. Cash/Card/Credit/Voucher/Advance Payment etc.

Gift Card/Gift Certificate/ Loyalty Card /Membership

Our SPA Management Software is able to provide you the facilities of using the Gift Card, Gift Certificate, Loyalty System and Membership program etc.

Data Security

Our Spa Management software provides a role based security system. Protect your data against misuse and malicious interruptions with our Spa Management system. Multi-user security requires each user to log-on with a secure password. Once logged on, restrictions can be implemented to prevent access to sensitive information. Provides individual user-defined access and security features.