This is a smart identification system, which defines an efficient procedure for Student Management Solution considering the prime application of tracking, attendance, parental alerts, school bus management etc.The system is completely automated while technically working on cloud based storage with GSM/GPRS networks for data transmission. The entire system is very easy to install with a couple of communication devices and smart cards, where rest everything is controlled and managed by the Transight Cloud.

The system will consist of MIFARE Identity Cards, Radio Frequency Card Reader and GNSS/GPS Transight Modems and the Transight Cloud where everything is managed and controlled over the air. Radio Frequency Card Readers will be installed in the school bus doorways, each students and tag their smart card while entry and exit. This data will be instantly sent to the Transight Cloud by the GNSS/GPS Transight Modems along with the bus information and location details. The Transight Cloud will process these data and manage it in the main account database of the school.


1. Al Rifaa IT will help parents to monitor and manage their child's transportation by keeping a track on their school bus approaching the boarding and alighting stops.

2. Parents can receive instant notifications as soon as their child leaves and reaches the school premises with additional updates of bus movements throughout their journey.

3. Parents can report the leave request of their child through this application which in-turn help to ensure the safety of child by identifying non reported absence.

4. Parents will also get the attendance reports of their child which is shared from the school records.

5. Our Smart Identification System will work as a great way to manage the attendance details of students.

6. School Management will be notified with instant reports of the absent students as soon as the bus enters and leaves the school premises.

7. Schools will get all the leave requests directly from the parents before regular class time. So the authorities and teachers can ensure the safety of children by identifying any unreported absence much instantly.

8. The school will get to employ the vehicle tracking and fleet management features to manage their school buses and related resources.

9. Common Notification from Teachers to parents can be sent through the App.

10. Common notification from principal to the teachers can be sent through the App.


Guardians is a complete service solutions offered by the Al Rifaa IT by efficiently coordinating the GPS & RFID hardware with its proprietary cloud and mobile applications implemented and managed by a set expert communication engineers.

The implementation and management of the systems can be culminated through the following steps

1. Issuing RF/Mifare identity cards for all students.

2. Installing RF Scanners with GPS capability in all school buses.

3. Configuring the Database and Software for complete students and school buses.

4. Educating and coordinating the parents and other staff members to efficiently utilize the complete scope of the system.


Al Rifaa IT can support the School in the following areas and even depute an Expert Engineer Onsite to guide through the initial installation.

1. Complete Devices and Installation Support for the Project.Al Rifaa IT can support the School in the following areas and even depute an Expert Engineer Onsite to guide through the initial installation.

2. Guardians Account Configuration and Data Management Support.

3. Procedures to setup Helpline and Support.

4. Setup a System to handle the Troubleshooting.


1. RF Readers can replace the attendance system.

2. ID Card readers can be integrated with the Library system.

3. RF Cards can replace cash transaction.

4. Tracking the student attendance in each class room.